Press release: Fimmic launches Deep Learning AI on their Next-Generation WebMicroscope® Cloud Platform

by | Mar 3, 2017 | News

Fimmic, a company developing intelligent, cloud-based software solutions for digital microscopy announces the launch of their next-generation WebMicroscope Deep Learning Platform at USCAP 2017 in March 6-8. Fimmic’s unique cloud platform brings state-of the-art Deep Learning AI based image analysis to the fingertips of every pathologist or researcher, no matter the size of a project.


WebMicroscope Deep Learning AI

Deep Learning technology enables fast automation of complex and laborious image analysis tasks not possible before, with superior accuracy and sensitivity. The next-generation WebMicroscope is based on high-performance, scanner agnostic image management solution hosted in secure cloud environment. Company’s Deep Learning AI technology adds intelligence to the platform to support the experts in their image analysis tasks. Instead of spending hours assessing slides or images by eye, WebMicroscope can automatically perform a range of laborious image analysis tasks, including e.g. object quantification, tissue classification based on morphology and rare target identification, in a fraction of time.


“As a cloud platform, WebMicroscope provides immediate access to intelligent image analysis support and high-performance GPU computing power for whole slide images. It is also an ideal tool for sharing data and insight in collaboration projects, local or global. Our aim is to bring intelligent Deep Learning Image Analysis tools accessible and affordable for every pathologist or researcher, describes Kari Pitkänen, the Business Development Director of Fimmic.


“WebMicroscope Deep Learning Image Analysis has been evaluated in various applications. It has proven to be an excellent tool in e.g. research applications related to cancer, gastrointestinal diseases and central nervous system related disorders. Our On-Demand Image Analysis design service and pay-per-use model makes deployment of this novel technology as easy as possible, Pitkänen continues.


Fimmic is presenting their new WebMicroscope Deep Learning AI Solution in USCAP 2017, in booth 638. Contact us to schedule a meeting or visit for more information.


Fimmic in short


Fimmic Oy, founded in 2013, is a spin-off company from the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine at the University of Helsinki. Fimmic’s first-generation WebMicroscope® is widely used in various applications, such as in cancer research, drug development and medical education in Europe, North America and Middle East. Fimmic’s next generation WebMicroscope with Deep Learning Analytics (Research Use Only) brings fast and accurate image analysis support to pathologists and medical researchers in an affordable, easy to deploy model.