Unleash the Power of Deep Learning AI

Aiforia is the first Deep Learning AI Image Analysis Solution for digital pathology and medical research projects.

First of its kind AI for Image Analysis

Aiforia brings Deep Learning Image Analysis to the fingertips of every pathologist or researcher. Deep Learning AI technology enables fast automation of complex image analysis tasks not possible before, with superior accuracy and sensitivity. As a cloud platform, Aiforia provides immediate access to intelligent image analysis support and high-performance computing for whole slide images. Aiforia scales up based on demand and is thus an affordable solution for projects of any size.

Quantification Tasks

Tedious quantification tasks of features. Possibility to combine with automated ROI selection based on morphology.

Examples of applications: Nerve cell bodies (rat brain tissue, Parkinson’s research), Fat accumulation in liver tissue (hepatosteatosis), Breast cancer biomarkers ER, Ki67 and HER2 (combined with epithelium/stroma segmentation), TIL% (from various tissues).

WebMicroscope Deep Learning Image Analysis

Segmentation based on Morphology

Automated tissue segmentation and grading based on morphology.

Examples of applications: Breast tissue epithelium/stroma segmentation, Prostate tissue epithelium/gland segmentation, Tumor grading and tumor burden (various tissues).

WebMicroscope Deep Learning Image Analysis

Rare Object Identification

Detection and quantification of rare targets from extremely large whole slide images.

Examples of applications: Sperm cell detection (forensic pathology), Malaria parasite detection from blood smear, Intestinal parasites from stool samples.

Context-Intelligent Image Analysis

How does Aiforia On-demand work:

1. Share your image analysis challenge with us and send a few slides/images for evaluation.

2. We use our Aiforia Create Deep to detect and quantify your features of interest.

3. Confirm the results and upload the rest of your images to Aiforia Cloud for analysis.

4. Manage your images, algorithms and results in Aiforia Cloud.

WebMicroscope Deep Learning Image Analysis on iPad

A new era of Image Analysis is here

The amount of applications for Deep Learning Image Analysis are endless. We are constantly collecting suggestions for new Image Analysis Applications.

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Deep Learning AI

More precise, sensitive and consistent results with unforeseen speed compared to conventional tools and methods.

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Easy to deploy

No machine vision expertise or coding needed. Get started with customised on-demand Image Analysis.

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Pay only for what you use. No local hardware or software needed.

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