The future of microscopy

has no limits

Discover our Aiforia Cloud Digital Pathology Platform and signup for a free Aiforia Cloud account. Use our versatile cloud-based platform for whole slide image management, sharing and visual analysis. 

The future of microscopy

has no limits

Discover our cloud-based Digital Pathology Platform and signup for a free account. Streamline your workflow, build global expert networks, and collaborate digitally with no limits.

The first Deep Learning AI based Image Analysis Solution for Digital Pathology.

Discover Deep Learning AI Image Analysis Solutions for Digital pathology and Medical research projects of all sizes. Aiforia’s Deep Learning AI enables complex image analysis tasks compared to conventional tools and methods without machine vision expertise or coding needed.


Access your digital pathology slides with any device. Zoom from overview to cellular details in less than a second.

  • Instant viewing across devices
  • Advanced image classification and search
  • Versatile annotation features
  • Easy-to-use measurement tools
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Collaborate and share information with your colleagues, fellow researchers or students with ease.

  • Create and share slide collections or single images
  • Connect securely regardless of location
  • Confirm your diagnosis with second opinions
  • Publish your images in superior quality in articles and blogs


Easy, scalable cloud storage with high-performance image server. Never worry about losing samples again.

  • Infinite storage space
  • Fast viewing of high quality images
  • Secured privacy
  • Compatibility with all major scanner file formats
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We offer solutions for


Advance your research with exceptional resources


Reach the right diagnosis faster


Deliver more engaging lectures and seminars

Aiforia Digital Pathology Workflow

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WebMicroscope Digital Pathology Workflow

WebMicroscope workflow

MultiTouch Screens

Experience the extremely fast and responsive MultiTouch Screens to enhance your virtual microscopy.

Scanning Services

If you don’t have access to a whole slide scanner, you can send us your slides for scanning. Our service includes image uploading to your WebMicroscope Account.