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Meet us at the Digital Pathology & AI Congress London

December 5 – 6 December

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AI for image analysis – no coding, no counting

Thursday December 5th at 4.55pm 

Presentations from guest speakers on using Aiforia for their pathology research as well as a live demo of our platform and an overview of our latest release:


Nelli Sjöblom MD, Trainee Pathologist, University of Helsinki

The advantages of AI in liver research

Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is a rare cholestatic liver disease that causes liver cirrhosis and cholangiocarcinoma in even very young patients.The incidence of this disease is increasing and it is strongly associated with inflammatory bowel diseases. In this presentation Nelli will share insights on utilizing AI in her study on assessing the prognostic factors of PSC and then discuss the benefits of this new methodology.



Sami Blom PhD, Application Manager, Aiforia

The Aiforia Platform: Teach AI without data scientists and engineers. 

Aiforia enables pathologists to create their own AI models, without any coding, to automate image analysis; increasing the accuracy, quality and consistency of results. Velocity, the latest software release, brings together next-generation tools and features that speed-up and simplify this even further.



Tuomas Mirtti MD PhD, Consulting Pathologist, Helsinki University Hospital

AI platforms in prostate pathology

Conventional cancer histopathology is relatively subjective and time consuming. Digital pathology and AI tools are aiding the experts and speeding up diagnostics with more objective parameters of cancer extent and even grading. In this talk Tuomas will discuss the practical aspects of prostate diagnostic pathology and give an overview of his research projects conducted with Aiforia’s solutions.