The real benefits run deeper in virtual microscopy education

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Blog |

Digital pathology benefits

We have all heard about the basic virtual microscopy benefits for pathology education: No more glass breaks and the ability to access the material anywhere, anytime. But what we have found from our customers is that the real benefits are much deeper than those traditionally mentioned.

Digitalization has helped multiple disciplines to enhance education and it is also changing the way medicine is taught. The virtual microscopy benefits and using digital devices in learning are well known as they help make classes more efficient and make learning irrelevant of time and place. Traditional microscopy education fits perfectly to this change and digitalization offers huge benefits for histology and pathology teaching.

High-quality and easily accessible material for everyone

Compared to the traditional microscopy courses, where both the teacher and the students use microscopes, virtual microscopy is much easier for both of them. When showing slides to the whole class, the teacher doesn’t have to change lenses like on traditional microscopes and can conveniently zoom instantly from whole slide view to a specific cellular level that makes the classes more efficient and makes it easier for student to keep their focus in learning.

Virtual microscopy classes offer everyone the same slides and the same view of what the teacher is using. Everyone can look at the same slide collection in teaching situations, either from their personal devices or from the screens.

Virtual microscopy enables slide annotations to be made before the class so that they can be easily accessed during classes and the annotations are visible for the students when they are studying on their own as notes. Teacher can also add questions to slides which students need to reply. When using a browser-based viewer, students can use their preferred device for viewing the digital slides and for making their own annotations.

Easy learning curve for microscopy studies

For the students, we have learned that the virtual microscopy is easier to understand compared to traditional microscopy. When looking at the digital slides, the students are able to see the whole slide view of the sample that helps them to understand the complete sample better than when using multiple zooming levels and lenses on the traditional microscopes without understanding the bigger picture. With digital microscopy they can even zoom closer than what is possible with traditional microscopes.

Virtual microscopy can also challenge the traditional teaching methods used in microscopy classes as it makes collaboration between the students much easier. The traditional teacher led classes can be changed to students collaborating with each other and making findings on their own.

Without the limitations of place and time the microscopy classes are easier to arrange, when they don’t need to be held in microscopy classrooms. Digital microscopy supports students throughout their medical studies, as they can access the course material any time and make notes for the future use, in case they need to revisit the earlier course material.