Organizational Update

Aiforia strengthens its management team
Written by Aiforia

While the world is adjusting to an increased pressure to expedite and enhance medical research and patient care, the need for powerful and easily deployable tools for healthcare professionals has never been more discernible. Aiforia’s mission is to bring first-class deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) solutions straight to the hands of pathologists and scientists around the world to enable better, faster and more personalized patient care.

With a CE-IVD marked clinical tool, the development of pre-developed AI models to help diagnose some of the most common cancer types underway, and ongoing projects with organizations like MIT and Sanofi, Aiforia is off to a substantial start and is now ready to accelerate its move into the clinical diagnostics market.

Building upon this mission and position we are making some organizational updates to strengthen the management team while continuing to provide the highest level of service to our customers. As of July 1st 2020, we are excited to announce the appointment of a new CEO of Aiforia, Jukka Tapaninen.

Not a new face to Aiforia, Jukka has served as a board member of the company for many years, providing years of strategic insight. He has held various executive positions over the past 25 years in international IT and software businesses such as at SAP and HP. Some of the wealth of experience he will harness for his new role at Aiforia include: leading enterprise software sales for healthcare industries as well as overseeing global business development, building strategic partnerships and scaling-up growth companies.

Secondly, our current CEO, Kaisa Helminen, will be taking on a new, key role as Chief Operating Officer of Aiforia. Under Kaisa’s leadership the company has grown into a strong team of pathologists, scientists, software developers, and life sciences business professionals. In her new role she will continue to focus on advancing the company’s operational excellence through overseeing the development of our AI technology and services while managing the globally growing team.

Kaisa’s and Jukka’s complementary strengths and knowledge in healthcare and software will help accelerate Aiforia forward on its journey into the clinical diagnostics space as well as diversifying the company’s offering and capabilities. This merger of science and technology truly highlights Aiforia’s multidisciplinary skills and offering.