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April 28, 2019

Open aiForward™ program invites medical researchers to power up their research

Medical AI software company Fimmic launches aiForward  an open, global program for medical researchers and pathologists willing to experiment with artificial intelligence (AI) in their research. The aiForward program offers its participants free of charge access to a state-of-the-art AI platform and support from a team of experts, to advance the implementation of AI in microscopic image analysis.

The new aiForward program offers medical researchers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experiment and power up research projects with deep learning -based AI technology. aiForward enables them to develop a purpose-built image analysis algorithm for their research project at no cost. “The aiForward program is all about putting AI into the hands of medical researchers and pathologists. It is about moving AI forward, from vision to practice, and facilitating new discoveries in medical sciences,” says Kaisa Helminen, CEO of Fimmic.

The aiForward program has been created for medical researchers and pathologists with non-commercial research projects that involve microscopic analysis of pathological or histological sample images, and which focus on cancer, neurology, infectious diseases or lifestyle diseases. Individual researchers and research teams can apply anytime online and all applications will be evaluated by an independent Advisory Team. Selected participants will get a free of charge access to Fimmic’s cloud-based, self-service AI tool, Aiforia® Create, and support from a dedicated team of AI experts to accelerate development of purpose-built algorithms. In addition, aiForward offers the possibility to network and exchange knowledge within the aiForward research community.

“We believe that AI holds immense potential for medical research and is about to revolutionize the field of medical image analysis,” Helminen remarks and continues, “For the first time, with the help of AI, researchers are able to automate complex or laborious tasks and to start making totally new discoveries from medical sample images. We want to make AI available for scientists that are working hard to discover disease mechanisms or developing new treatments for diseases that affect people around the world. Our aim is to build a community which fosters open communication and networking in the field of image-based analysis and research. It is really about bringing AI forward.

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About Fimmic and Aiforia® platform

Fimmic, founded in 2013, is a Helsinki, Finland based medical software company specialized in developing intelligent, cloud-based solutions for image-based diagnostics. Fimmic’s unique Aiforia® platform brings together deep learning -based image analysis and high-performance cloud computing. The SaaS solution enables fast, accurate, and affordable image analysis support for medical experts through zero-friction cloud deployment and an intuitive user interface.

With the Aiforia® Create tool, the users can create deep learning AI algorithms to detect and quantify specific features of interest in images, reducing time to results, improving accuracy and reproducibility. Researchers can discover more in less time and generate quantified information from samples that have previously been analyzed with only manual, visual, and other subjective methods.

Aiforia Create tool is used today in various medical research and drug development projects in Europe and North America. In addition to digital pathology images, Aiforia is compatible with any other 2D images. Aiforia is currently sold with a research use status.