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May 15, 2019

Fimmic is now Aiforia Technologies

We are pleased to announce our company name change to Aiforia Technologies. The name change reflects the long term development strategy of our company, driving digital pathology innovation though groundbreaking development of AI for Image Analysis. It is also in line with the name of our flagship product, the cloud-based AI platform Aiforia®.

“We launched our state-of-the-art deep learning image analysis platform Aiforia® last year. It is a first-of-it’s-kind solution in themarket that enables rapid development of deep learning -based image analysis algorithms for digital pathology applications. Aiforia® provides unique self-service AI development tools for domain experts to automate their image analysis tasks. We also offer professional services for algorithm development”, explains the CEO Kaisa Helminen, and continues “The name “Aiforia” comes from the words “AI for Image Analysis”, which describes perfectly what we do. Since the launch, we have used Aiforia® as our main brand. The change of the company name is a natural step to streamline our branding initiative and to build global growth. This process started with our recently established subsidiary in Boston, USA, called Aiforia Inc.”

Aiforia Technologies continues Fimmic’s commitment to support initiatives that transform pathology and medical research by bringing deep learning AI to assist and augment medical experts in image analysis. Our ambition is to become a worldwide leader in AI-powered image-based diagnostics and to enable better, faster, more personalized care for patients. While Aiforia® is completely platform and image agnostic, our mission and focus today is on digital pathology solutions related to cancer, neurological, infectious and lifestyle diseases.