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June 28, 2019

Aiforia releases Version 4.4

Aiforia releases version 4.4 of its image analysis software

We continually strive to improve the Aiforia platform to better enable medical professionals to advance their work with deep learning AI. Version 4.4 includes improvements to the software’s interface, its functionalities, as well as the addition of brand-new features.

Updates for faster and easier analysis
  • Analysis can be started with only 2 clicks!
  • Regions of interest can be edited
  • Calculated distances can be seen numerically
  • Large image batch data can be exported fast and easily
Aiforia credit naming unified
  • Training hours now replaced with credits
  • The same credits will be used for both for training and analysis
  • Credit use depends on AI model complexity, image size, and project scope
Image formats and Connector for Aiforia
  • DICOM images now supported
  • Create multi-channel images out of a series of single-channel images
  • Aperio color profile is now uploaded with your image
Aiforia has certification of its quality management system compliant with ISO 13485.