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November 1, 2018

Aiforia Launching a Local Presence in North America

Aiforia Launching a Local Presence in North America – Experience Aiforia and Deep Learning AI  Image Analysis at Pathology Visions

Aiforia brings Deep Learning AI to Quantitate Pathology

Quantitative image analysis has taken a giant leap forward in recent years. With the introduction of neural network based image analysis, the problems that were nearly impossible to solve have become possible and the tasks that were difficult have become routine. This will allow researchers and medical professionals to start asking new questions to discover more with less effort from biological samples, and to move towards more quantitative science. Aiforia Deep Learning AI Platform has been created to make new discoveries faster from 2D images, especially from gigantic whole slide images of tissue samples.

The platform’s unique self-service capabilities allow users to generate their own deep learning algorithms by training convolutional neural networks (CNN) to learn, detect and quantify specific features of interest in tissue or cell images. If you can visually identify your feature of interest in images, Aiforia is able to automate the discovery and quantify it for you.

To better serve our growing customer base in North America, we have opened a local office, Aiforia Inc., in Cambridge, MA.  Sales Director Bill Maloy, and Senior Scientist Thomas Westerling-Bui are joining forces to support our local customers in North America. Their long experience in the life science ICT and medical research sectors brings a valuable asset to advice/guide Aiforia users in their research endeavours.

Aiforia Inc. will showcase our unique Deep Learning AI platform in three upcoming conferences in US during the next couple of weeks. Come experience the difference deep learning can make to your image analysis tasks and to meet our team at:

Pathology Visions, San Diego, CA, November 5-6 Booth #108.  

Join the workshop: IMAGE TOOLS THAT FACILITATE COLLABORATION on November 5, 3:40-5:00 PM at Coronado Ballroom DE to hear our guest speaker Gillian Beamer, VMD, PhD, DMVP from Tufts University and our Senior Scientist Thomas Westerling-Bui, PhD describing the use of Aiforia in deep learning algorithm development.

Neuroscience, San Diego, CA, November 3-7 Booth #3900.

The Liver Meeting, San Francisco, CA, November 9-13, Booth #602

Contact us to learn more or to book a meeting in any of these conferences:

Bill Maloy

Sales Director, US

Thomas Westerling-Bui

Senior Scientist, Business Development

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