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Store and analyze your images in the cloud

Aiforia Cloud is a versatile cloud-based platform for whole slide image management, sharing and visual analysis. It supports the upload and analysis of any 2D image in any research area.

Streamline your workflow and collaborate online without requiring any local hardware. All you need is internet access to get started immediately.



Unlimited amounts of storage space

  • Scalable cloud platform — never worry about losing samples again
  • Fast viewing of high-quality images
  • Secured privacy
  • Compatibility with all major scanner file formats

Access and analyze from anywhere

  • Zoom into your samples in less than a second: from the whole image, down to cellular details
  • Advanced image classification and search
  • Versatile annotation features
  • Easy-to-use measurement tools

Share and collaborate online

  • With your colleagues, fellow researchers or students
  • Create and share slide collections or single images
  • Connect securely regardless of location
  • Confirm your diagnosis with second opinions

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